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The essential celebration of Christmas Eve is the party. Most European and American family members are reunited at home, have a hearty dinner, and then sit around the burning stove, play the piano and sing, and share the fun of the family; or hold a masquerade, a celebration of Christmas Eve. Happy, peaceful, carnival Christmas Eve, reunion night. Looking forward to the arrival of Tall Men Shoes, it is said that Christmas night, Santa Claus will quietly prepare gifts for children in stockings.

How was Christmas Eve? This question has an unusual meaning for both adults and children. Of course we know that December 24th every year is what we Tall Men Shoes Eve. So, what kind of customs are there at this festival? We are coming slowly.

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First of all, from Taller Shoes, many companies have been on holiday, and people have come home from all sides to reunite and share the joy of family. It should be said that Christmas Eve is a prelude to the arrival of Christmas. At this festival, people relax from the intense work, return home from the wind, and share the family with long-time people to spend this peaceful and peaceful night together.

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Secondly, before Taller Shoes Eve arrives, people will use the Christmas tree to decorate their homes and prepare Christmas gifts for their families. The Christmas tree is full of various ribbons, small light bulbs, colorful, colorful, and the atmosphere of the festival is unparalleled. Under the Christmas tree, there are various gifts for everyone and friends, each with a beautiful packaging, waiting for its owner to gently open it. It is said that Santa will quietly put the gifts he prepared for the children in the socks.

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Again, Christmas Eve dinner is also an important part of the festival. At this dinner, Elevator Shoes, turkeys, cakes, etc. are delicious, people eat and drink, and eat fast. After dinner, there are also some entertainment programs, such as masquerade, where people play the piano and sing and express their happiness.

Later, some people will go to the church to do mass. Christmas Eve is a religious festival, so many Christians will choose to spend this meaningful festival in the church. They will hold candlelight worship at an early evening, enjoy the drama of the Nativity story, and enjoy a big meal. As the church bell rings, blessings and joys are passed to the Quartet.

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How to live on Elevator Shoes, there will usually be a dinner party in China, and partying. Very lively scenes, and gifts to each other, is also a good way to express. In many areas, the streets are decorated with a Christmas Eve atmosphere, so everyone goes shopping to enjoy these beautiful decorations and take pictures. Others will choose to travel and go to other places to enjoy the customs of Christmas Eve, which is also a good choice.

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