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The average height of foreigners is relatively high, and the gas field looks stronger. Therefore, the brands of Chinese people often look for external models to speak for themselves. But are they really born to be tall and mighty? In addition to genes, nutrition, etc., is there any reason to blame God? My experience tells me that in fact, foreigners also have some little-known secrets.

I used to do foreign trade development in a shoe company in Guangzhou. Because of the business relationship, I often have to contact foreign customers. On weekdays, I saw almost all the old foreigners. I have a 1 meter 76, wearing a slightly lighter Elevator Shoes, Casual Lightweight Crocodile Embossed Invisible Elevator Shoes 7CM,but they are always short before the old outside, making me very depressed.

Elevator Shoes

For example, when I received a British client, I saw his 18-year-old son at noon. The body of the kid looks thinner and thinner than I am, but when I stand up, I am a little bit taller. I can’t help but sigh: “This foreign child is too long! Is it that their bread and beef contribute more? Or is the height of the gene more powerful?” I also think that the foreigners who came to China have been selected. Can’t see one, just one of me?

This time, I talked to a more familiar Spanish customer about business and went to have a coffee together. Because he is an old friend, we are very happy. Inadvertently talking about height, I joked: “You always breathe higher air, how do you feel?” He smiled and lowered his voice and said, “Actually, we are not all tall, just say mine. Actual height is actually about the same as you…”

Elevator Shoes

I am dubious: “Are you kidding? It looks like you are much taller than me.” He smiled a little mysteriously and said in a legendary tone like the epic movie opening episode: “There are secrets! And this secret is still with you Chinese people. There are relationships!”

I looked at him more and more confused, just want to ask what happened, he had gently turned his side, moved his left foot, pulled up his trousers, pointed at his Height Increasing Shoes and told me to watch. What happened? “Good leather, fine workmanship, gentleman style, very good, very suitable for you.” According to the work environment habits, I vaguely praised him with the public relations language.

“This is a pair of Height Increasing Shoes, and the shoes are increased!” He explained with a smile. That demeanor has both the generosity of the mystery and the enthusiasm, and the triumph of the jewels. “Ah? I really can’t see it!” I took a closer look and asked with amazement. “You are all so tall, and you still wear high-heeled shoes?”

Elevator Shoes

He put down his trousers and resumed the description of the legendary correct posture, slowly coming, and the appearance could not be seen. I have more or less suspected that foreigners can’t be born tall. It turns out that many of them are wearing high-heeled shoes! Later, I saw the British client mentioned above. I paid attention to it and he wore it.

I thought about it, the product is good in heightening shoes, although the height is insufficient, it can be worn, that is, tall people can wear it; domestic sales are happy, foreign countries have opened the market, it is a magical shoes.