Crocodile Skin Invisible Elevator Shoes For Men 7CM

The crocodile skin is known as platinum in leather. This is not only because of the scarcity of crocodiles, but also because of the slow growth of crocodiles and the high cost of farming, and the crocodile skin that can be used is limited to the narrow part of the crocodile’s abdomen. Crocodile skin beauty in its natural gradient checkered pattern, although lack of flexibility, but the texture is very strong, there is a saying that as long as the crocodile leather goods will be more polished, the more flexible, the more versatile, so the crocodile leather bag has become a lot of The darling.

Usually an ordinary dinner bag needs to “sacrifice” more than two crocodiles to complete, as well as Gothic, Elevator Shoes For Men, love Cherant, such a material picky and demanding is only one of the thousands. Fine, so crocodile leather products have always kept extremely expensive prices on the market.

Elevator Shoes For Men

Crocodile skin Invisible Elevator Shoes For Men 7CM precious, special species, due to the picking of breeding conditions, and the complexity of farming techniques, it is impossible to breed and produce as much as cowhide. Its output is extremely small, which is why you want to wait for a year or more for a pair of crocodile leather.

As a leather, crocodile skin is undoubtedly affordable. Unlike cowhide, crocodile leather has a big feature. In the process of use, its gloss will not fade with time. It will be dull. The longer it is used, the more it can be used. It reveals its natural luster, so no matter how long it takes, it will last forever.

Elevator Shoes For Men

Those who can master the crocodile skin making process will not exceed 50. The complexity of its technology is hard to imagine. It is not as smooth as the entire surface of the cowhide. It is not so demanding in terms of technical requirements. The crocodile skin has its own characteristics, from the early, middle and late stages Elevator Shoes. All need a set of perfect technology, each independent, and interlocking, one link is wrong, the effect is very different.

Elevator Shoes For Men

Why do you say that every piece of crocodile leather is used, because each crocodile skin has a unique effect from the repeated lines and the same production process. The improvement of the crocodile leather production process has always been a difficult problem for the leather industry. Look at the effect of the upper foot, it is also good, although it is the inner Elevator Shoes, but because of the imported high-rise high-rise, and the material is extremely demanding, the quality of the whole shoe is very good, how do you run, how to jump, no problem.