Trend Leather Increased Leather Height Shoes 6cm

Trend Leather Increased Leather Elevator Shoes The 6cm heightening shoe is a shoe that has the same appearance as a regular shoe but has an increased effect. By adding a higher insole to the sole to achieve a stealth increase. According to the survey, more than 63% of adult males and females in China are not satisfied with their height, and most people think that the way of increasing drugs and surgery can not really promote safe and effective growth. On the one hand, there is an urgent increase in demand, on the other hand, there is nothing to be done. Under such circumstances, the increase in shoes has become the gospel of many short stature people.

According to the evaluation of human body mechanics and a variety of data, according to the evaluation and development of human mechanics and a variety of data, the curvature of the curve is perfectly matched with the sole of the foot; immediately after wearing, the image of the height is changed, increasing by 5 to 13 cm, giving you invisible multiplication. A sense of confidence.

Height Shoes

In terms of how to ensure the comfort of the Height Shoes, the shoes are increased in the shoes. In addition, the shoes are increased in the shoes, and the visual effects have a direct increase effect, which is very popular among consumers. However, because the inner heightening shoes add a heightening pad, it will definitely be different from ordinary shoes. People who are not used to it feel a bit awkward. Therefore, for each inner heightening shoe experience, comfort is very important.

For consumers who have increased their Height Shoes to ensure comfort, Xiaobian is difficult to achieve 100% guarantee, because some poor manufacturers in the market to produce inferior products in order to reduce costs, not only can not guarantee comfort, even safety can not be guaranteed.

Height Shoes

Therefore, the purchase of the Elevator Shoes must pay attention to the following several purchase details to improve the wearing comfort from the quality. First, look at the high-rise, comfortable high-rise is based on the human foot structure and walking mechanics, through the scientific curve design, therefore, buyers should pay attention to whether the height curve is consistent with the sole of the foot. Second, increase the high-rise, see whether the high-rise materials have the function of compressing and restoring elasticity. The best material for the high-rise building is polyether material. The material has low density, soft texture and comfortable wearing.

Height Shoes

Third, increase the height should be appropriate, it is best to choose an increase height of 5 ~ 8 cm. Because the average height of the heel that we usually wear is generally 2.5 to 3 cm. If you choose a pair of 5 to 7 cm high shoes at first, it is easier to adapt and accept. Fourth, try-on wear is the most important, the inferior quality of the shoe’s center of gravity tends to be low and then high, resulting in excessive force on the forefoot and resulting in foot fatigue; and a good increase in the insole support the larger the sole area, more uniform force, wear The feet are completely unstressed. In addition, it is very important to try on the shoes to fit the feet and not to lose the shoes. It is necessary to keep the feet tight and tight.