Elevator Shoes Sneakers Invisible Height 6 cm

Time is like a white pass, and the autumn and winter season has arrived. The temperature difference between day and night has increased. In addition to adding a thick coat, it is a wise choice to put on a pair of high-top Elevator Shoes Sneakers, so that the men are more stylish and enhance their individuality. At the same time, let us keep ourselves warm. why not!

There are many types of high-top shoes, which can be divided into fashion models, sports models, tooling models, and now specifically the matching of tooling shoes, tooling shoes should pay attention to the looming principle, casual tasteful dress, men’s Elevator Shoes Sneakers Invisible Height 6 cm is best suited for denim. Especially straight pants create a sense of leisure. In the autumn and winter seasons, the windbreaker is the best choice for men. It is equipped with a black shirt and a black windbreaker. It is covered with gray plaid casual pants and a black top hat. The British influx of men is greeted with wood!

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

In recent years, men’s invisible Elevator Sneakers have been increasingly sought after by the public, creating the illusion that the protagonist of shoes grows in an instant, but in fact, the principle of quality is based on “human physiological mechanics”, ordinary casual shoes, leather shoes through the internal increase, It makes people see that it has grown a lot in an instant. Generally speaking, the height of the invisible heightening shoes is generally determined by the human body’s tolerance to the force and the comfort during walking. The most common is 5-13CM, which is the best height for the human foot. The skeletal structure of the human foot is very beneficial to our health and comfort at this height. Men’s designs are especially simple, and the style is mainly business and leisure.

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

The perfect combination of Elevator Sneakers and high-enhanced shoes can be said to be a highlight in the history of design, which is higher than invisible and introverted. Success is an important meeting for business men to attend, negotiating with competitors, etc., adding a few chips to the construction of the gas field. Zero-increased shoes, give you the dream of dreams!

The advantages and disadvantages of the shoes are increased. The first point is to look at the leather: the high-quality inner shoes will be made of high-quality leather such as calfskin and top layer leather; but there are some artificial leather or shaved skins on the market as leather materials, shoddy. . The second point is to look at the inside of the shoe: the inner lining of the leather is good, it is not easy to rub the feet, and it is not easy to stink the feet. To identify whether the inside is dermis, you can look carefully at the inside of the increased leather shoes, the quality of the high-end leather shoes is a piece of woolen leather material, poor gauze or smooth leather

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

The third point is to increase the high-rise: the high-increased leather shoes are now imported with PU to increase the height, and the curved shape of the foot-shaped design, the insole is made by one yard and one mold, with high elasticity, but it will not Sinking, with a comfortable curve design, in line with human physiology, natural and comfortable to wear. The fourth point to see the sole: the sole of the high-increased leather shoes is generally high-quality rubber material, such a sole is more wear-resistant and durable, and the sole is easy to wear and may even break the bottom.