New Height Increase 6.5cm Korean Luxury Elevator Shoes

The intricate and exquisite carving of the toe has an English style. Brings an elegant retro feel, like a flower with a nice window. This carved design also has enhanced breath ability.

Nowadays, the more popular dress suits are available in the Western and Korean versions. The black suit above is more Korean style. The difference between the Korean version of the suit and the western version of the suit is believed to be much known to everyone. In terms of color, this suit is very harmonious with this pair of shoes New Height Increase 6.5cm Korean Luxury Elevator Shoes. It comes with a light shirt and a small plaid or solid tie. It seems that the match is just right.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

Let’s take a look at the white version of this shoe. In addition to the color, these two pairs of Luxury Elevator Shoes are the same. The leather used is also selected from the finest calfskin in leather, which is very delicate and soft. This calfskin market is very large and is particularly popular with users. As a kind of leather, it is one of the main raw materials of the world’s major brand products.

I just said the black Elevator Shoes, now let’s take a look at this white increased leather shoes. Some friends may say, match, white shoes with white clothing. Doesn’t it seem to be very harmonious? In this regard, we can further understand, because in addition to white clothing, it is impossible to match other colors of clothing.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

If you are like some men who are not good at matching, they may worry that they will wear white forever and will be ironic as Prince Charming. This may be. For the matching of this white leather Elevator Shoes, some methods of clothing are recommended.

If you match it properly, you can make your own clothing business very popular. After all, when there are a lot of customers, there is no such thing, considering the specific method of dressing. This method is a small theory of clothing collocation. Because white is a relatively simple, very pure feeling. Therefore, white leather shoes will be more suitable when paired with more elegant and dignified clothing.

Luxury Elevator Shoes

According to this collocation theory, do we know how to match white shoes. Like the suit above, the style is actually quite elegant and subtle, so it will be good to wear it. Of course, when choosing pants, you should follow this philosophy. You can’t choose a color that is too intensely stimulating. In terms of type, you also choose a style that is more biased toward formal wear.